Artist Statement:

When looking at the world around us many people discern comfort in structure, order, balance, and unity. From the way we decorate our ordinary homes to how we display ourselves as a culture, a certain aesthetic emerges. I find that in many ways we align ourselves in this manner to produce a sense of comfort while equally achieving this to gain some control over our lives.

I explore this concept in my art immensely creating works I find aesthetically pleasing and manifesting renders of objects, peopled structures recognizable to the average American citizen. My work tends to include intense color to create a striking contrast. My choice of media recently has been between digital and paints,

sometimes in tandem.

Teaching Philosophy:

As humans, we all have a tendency to look at and critique the world around us. Or in simpler terms to discern what we like and what we dislike. Art is something very unique to the human race and is something we as a species have created on our own. When teaching art a great teacher has an appreciation for this process of art creation. It comes without surprise that the same teacher posses a good grasp on several mediums and creativity emulates from them. Teaching art can be a fun practice as well as a serious one that needs time and guidance to be nurtured correctly. As an art teacher, I hope to show my students this love for art and help them reach their goals regardless of artistic ability. With this instruction, I hope to shape my students into individuals with a deeper knowledge of art as well as gain appreciation towards each field of study.

As an art teacher, I hope to teach my students no matter what coursework it might be, the purpose of the project at hand and reinforce that as work continues. I believe some children can lose sight of why they are completing a task and instead are completing it based on a requirement alone. I believe that an explanation of this could help students reach that moment where they truly understand the subject matter and how it is approached faster. I want my students to look at tasks differently, to be able to step back and analyze what is in front of them and then engage. I believe this is not only a classroom skill but a life skill that can be applied to anything. Students will achieve time management skills, critical thinking, and will continue as lifelong learners to look at the world through a creative lens.

In my classroom, I plan on taking on assignments by introducing subject matter with a demo as I’ve felt this was an effective way of learning and helps engage students in the project. I would also like to start some class days by introducing 3-5 artists and artworks from them to show students and perhaps inspire them to create works of their own. Creating a fun and creative environment for students to grow is necessary for them to want to continue to look at and create artworks of their own. However, depending on the individual student, some practices might need to be changed in order to reach others and achieve goals.